Western civilization in decline — Part 3: We need to have more children as a cultural imperative! by Miguel A. Faria, MD

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

乐动体育APPFor several decades Europe has had a declining population because Europeans are not having enough children to sustain their culture and their socialistic way of life. The United States of America — the pinnacle of that magnificent Western civilization, a civilization based on the twin pillars of a Judeo-Christian inheritance and the Greco-Roman legacy — is following suit in that same declivity. So a word then in defense of controlled legal immigration from south of the border and certain other countries — like the Philippines, which has had a longtime friendship with the United States — is in order.

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As I mentioned in Part 1乐动体育APP of this essay, if it were not for immigration, particularly from Latin America, the U.S. would be a country with just as serious a declining population as Europe and Japan. According to Wikipedia, the U.S. total fertility rate as of the 2010 census is only 1.931. Based on race and ethnicity the total fertility rates for Americans is as follow:

White Americans and white Hispanics:   1.948
Black Americans and Black Hispanics:   1.972
乐动体育APPNative Americans and Asians: less than 1.700

乐动体育APPWhether America survives as the epitome of Western civilization, as I like to exult it, and as an ideal based on the vision of our founders depends on the degree of assimilation of the newcomers and the achievement of the American dream. In fact, within the United States, only foreign-born Hispanics have a fertility rate above 2.1 at 2.4, followed by immigrant Blacks at 2.35, also according to Wikipedia. This melting pot assimilation will depend, though, on controlled and well-ordered immigration allowing for learning and acceptance of American institutions, traditions, values, and cherished ideals.

It is also friendly and neighborly countries like Mexico and much of Latin America, as well as far away Philippines, that today provides the strongest base for Christendom, and thus the preservation of the Judeo-Christian ethic. These countries also provide a fervent Catholic opposition to Islamic fanaticism. As Dr. David Stolinsky points out the churches and magnificent cathedrals in Europe are virtually empty except when the tour buses arrive. He writes: “Europe's beautiful cathedrals are almost empty of worshippers. But the mosques are full. Most Europeans are Christians in name only — they have no deep beliefs. How can they hope to resist the onslaught of people with strong beliefs, some of whom are fanatics?”

乐动体育APPIslam and Islamic fanaticism are growing, while Europe and European Christianity (particularly watered-down Protestantism) are dying. Religious faith in Latin America remains strong and the fertility rate is at least stable.

乐动体育APPBut we must be vigilant: the vetting of immigrants and FBI profiling in search of suspected terrorists is essential for national security, especially if the courts insist in upholding the blocking the immigration/travel ban proposed by President Trump. FBI profiling techniques that are so effective against common criminals cannot be used against potentially savage terrorists. Because of politically-correct discriminatory policies, little children and elderly women are searched at airports, while bearded young Muslim men and veiled women, who better fit the jihadist and terrorist profiles, are not. This is nonsense that must stop. Political correctness is not only curtailing free speech but also endangering our national security.

American flag乐动体育APPAs I also discussed in , and it is worth repeating here, many Americans have given their lives to preserve freedom in these United States and throughout the world. Western civilization is worth defending by speaking out and saying what needs to be said, politically incorrect as it may be. Our civilization and way of life is in mortal danger: We are committing cultural and national suicide by declining population rates in the West, including the United States. This is a calamitous development but it is not irreversible yet. This lethal trend has been brought about by continued low birth rates coupled with high abortion rates. America and Western nations need to have more children. Otherwise as the late Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi prognosticated after rejecting terrorism, “Islam will conquer Europe without firing a shot.” By extension, this admonition of danger of Islamic conquest also includes the United States.

Why is cultural and national suicide taking place? One intelligent guess is that Western civilization has been by the progressive-liberal intelligentsia that, at least in the case of the Europeans, they seem to be consumed with guilt and have lost faith in their own culture. Apparently in their eyes, their civilization has so degenerated that families and children are not worth having. Can this be happening to us too? Why bring children into a hated, racist, and decadent capitalist culture? Recent polls have shown that avowed socialist and failed presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in the Unites States. And socialism, once a word seldom used in the American lexicon, is no longer a term of derision. Another poll found that 58% of , ages 18-26, “believe socialism to be the ‘more compassionate’ political system.”  So why bring children into a corrupt capitalist culture that is not only racist but also sexist and homophobic? As I’ve said indoctrination and political correctness, have done their job well — inciting national guilt and cultural self-hatred, but also preemptively curtailing political speech from those who could have spoken out against the national and cultural suicide.Caesar Augustus

The Roman Emperor Augustus (photo, right) in the first century B.C., despite the hordes of Germanic barbarians at Rome’s frontiers, not only established the Pax Romana, the longest and most peaceful and prosperous period in history, but also urged the Romans to have three or more children within the scope of . Roman families with three or more children were financially rewarded through tax laws, but bachelors were penalized. Many historians like to opine that those reforms were to no avail. But the fact remains that the new Roman Empire founded by Augustus lasted for eight centuries in the West and a millennium and a half in the East! And, it would have lasted even longer if his successors had been successful at increasing fertility rates within the empire, and the citizens had continued to fulfill their duties as citizens with the same avidity as they did during Republican times.

If European and American parents can afford multiple computers, frequent restaurant and dining out expenses, exotic vacations, fancy homes; and the single child in the family can afford computer games, iPods, smartphones, CDs, expensive tennis shoes, and most of the expensive toys that both parent and youngsters play with these days — Westerners can afford at least three children.

乐动体育APPFamilies have become fragmented and separated by geographical distance. This may be an insoluble problem for some, but for others with relatives nearby such as uncles, aunts, and grandparents, could provide a framework of support in bringing up children. We should look to the family rather than to the government.

A higher birth rate has been noted by one or two subsegments of our population. Unfortunately, one segment is single teenage mothers who are too young for such parental and financial responsibilities. This scenario results in illegitimacy and difficult single motherhood, and frequently illiteracy and poverty. The other segment is babies born for the welfare benefits they bring dependent parents — government benefits for the mother and unrestrained sex for the absentee fathers. Instead, the State becomes the father. Sadly, these youngsters are not properly brought up in the setting of the family, have no proper parental supervision, have no role models to emulate, and frequently grow up dependent on welfare for their livelihood — or worse, end up joining gangs in the inner cities and leading lives of violence and crime. In this setting, children grow up without moral guidance and illiterate in both the sense of reading comprehension, as well as in inadequacy in being able to fulfill the civic duties and protect his natural rights as citizen. The survival of Western civilization does not depend on these government-dependent populations or alienated juvenile delinquents. On the contrary, these antisocial mores accelerate its declivity.

Single motherhood can be difficult even for a responsible parent. We need stable American families of all races and ethnicity to have more children that can be properly brought up by both parents. Three children should be the minimum. But four or five children would be even better. (We have three children and sometimes we wish we had had five!) I know some readers will object, citing financial hardship. They will say that responsible parents have already limited the number of offspring to one or two children out of necessity — time and economics. The price of bringing up children has escalated through the years, even with both parents working. When parents come home from work, they are exhausted with little time to interact with their children. Even family dinners together are passe, etc.

To those objections I reply that while many things have changed in our fast paced and hectic way of life, time must be found to bring up children, love them and properly rear them. We have found that home academic instruction is an excellent way to do so. Home schooling or at least supplementation of their education at home, allows parents to spend time and interact with their children while assisting in their education. Home instruction also allows parents to debunk left-wing or politically-correct public school propaganda and biased instruction. Cyber-school instruction is another alternative. In our state, Georgia Cyber Academy is part of the charter public school system, and we can personally testify that it is an excellent tool to educate children, from kindergarten through high school graduation. Home schooling and cyber-school instruction in many other states have been shown to be superior to the standard public education system.

Large families should be encouraged within the framework of the traditional family, where children can be loved, nurtured, and guided, so they can achieve their full potential, and grow up with the capability of fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of citizenship, while breathing the fresh air of liberty. There is still time to save Western civilization and the American way of life. As I’ve said previously, America is a marvelous nation that embodies the transcendental idea of freedom, espousing the sanctity of life, promoting individual liberty, emphasizing the right to own private property and to dispose of it as one sees fit, while encouraging the pursuit of health and happiness. These beautiful ideals are worth pursuing and defending for our children and our posterity.

Written by Dr. Miguel Faria

Miguel A. Faria, M.D. is a retired clinical professor of neurosurgery and long time medical editor. He is the author of Vandals at the Gates of Medicine (1995); Medical Warrior: Fighting Corporate Socialized Medicine (1997); and Cuba in Revolution — Escape From a Lost Paradise (2002). His website is http://www.haciendapub.com

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A version of this article also appeard in GOPUSA, May 26, 2016.

Copyright ©2017 Miguel A. Faria, Jr., M.D.

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Putin speech on moral crisis of the West

Putin speech on moral crisis of the West.

Western Civilization in Decline article

This is an excellent series of discussions. As Miguel states in these articles, the left, especially via cultural marxism and critical theory, attacked our culture, our economic system and turned our youth against the valued lessons of Western civilization. With the vilification of the free market came rising cost of living and an economic situation that forced both parents to work just to make ends meet. As a result the child was left more and more to be educated by the state, which means by leftist elements. Many modern universities now attack the principles of Western civilization and have dropped these course from the curriculum. With the idiocy of the "white privilege" movement by the left (which is an attack on Western values) we see a turning to the collectivist civilizations for answers.

As the cost of living rose, people concluded that they could not afford larger families. In addition, they were driven to believe that they had to own all the expensive technological toys available--smartphones, high definition TVs, cable connections, etc. Young couples no longer did what we did and our parents did and that was to organize our lives so that essentials came first. We also accepted that one must start their lives simply, save their money and gradually build their wealth so as to usher in a better life later. Instead, our youth were taught that they must have the big, expensive house now, the expensive car or SUV and all the bells and whistles of modern life and have them in the beginning. Saving money and a disciplined life was out of the question.

乐动体育APPWith more children comes more responsibility and more sacrifice, two things that modern couples shun. Divorces are at an all time high, people are marrying later in life or not at all. Commitment, which is part of self discipline, and having a sense of responsibility is archaic in their minds. Many marry accepting that they will probably be divorced in a few years and many have convinced themselves that living apart and sharing the children is a normal and acceptable way of life. The children of these broken marriages are less likely to get married themselves and especially less likely to have children--certainly not a large family.

乐动体育APPOne only need look at the devastation caused by the welfare state to see the results of socialism. The main victims of this collectivist philosophy are families. Within this culture, abortions are a part of life and few want children at all and if they exist--most are accidents. Miguel is correct, the developed countries are committing suicide by rejecting the values and lessons of Western civilization. The real immigrant is one that seeks the American culture and not those who wish to form enclaves of fellow immigrants that wish to create the very world they left in their new homeland. They refuse to learn the language they have immigrated to and reject openly its values and culture. My answer is--if your culture is superior to ours--why did you leave?

This is an excellent series and needs to be widely read and studied.


Decline in America is Worse in Rural America

Both Drs Faria and Blaylock make compelling arguments in which I totally agree. However, not only are Americans having fewer children, but rural Americans are falling farther behind. In 2013 there were more deaths than births in sparsely populated counties, for the first time since birth registration began in the 30s. This decline has continued for the past 5 years, according to the WSJ article mentioned below.

乐动体育APPI grew up in rural Arkansas. There were two primary families of 9-10 — the Herrings and Davis, and they married each other. My parents and a few others had only 3-4 children, but the community was well over the 2.1 birthrate overall. Small farms required a lot of workers, and children were workers. Later some chose to work at the lumber mill or cut logs or pulpwood. When I got married, my wife had 4 children from her former marriage, and we had a couple of more.

乐动体育APPIn the WSJ today a piece entitled "Rural America is the New Inner City'" stated: "many key measures of socioeconomic well-being, those charts have flipped. In terms of poverty, college attainment, teenage births, divorce, death rates from heart disease and cancer, reliance on federal disability insurance and male labor-force participation, rural counties now rank the worst among the four major U.S. population groupings (the others are big cities, suburbs and medium or small metro areas)."

Rural U.S. whose values of America we so often applaud, and the left so often insults, as with Obama's 'bitter clinger' comment, becomes increasingly less populated. The urban ideology so often is one of the collective— surrendering ones rights to the almighty state— and submerges itself in socialism and intolerance towards whites, conservatives, the US Constitution, capitalism, and of course America. Some of the same radicals who physically attacked our universities in the late 60s to early 70s have become the University intelligentsia brainwashing students.

On a positive note, Illinois and many of the leftist-controlled states are losing their citizens to the Texas, Florida, and Arizona. Let us hope we can deprogram them, instead of them brainwashing our people.

Papal encyclicals, Latin-American immigrants!

乐动体育APPGreat article with outstanding insight! All of your points are thoroughly supported.

I appreciate your commentary about the decline in the birthrate, essentially, the United States and the west is gradually contracepting themselves out of existence. Much of what Pope Paul VI said in his encyclical, "Humanae Vitae,” is coming to fruition. Also, the culture that has emerged is what Pope John Paul II notes in his encyclical "Evangelium Vitae.”

... I laud your intelligence and your courage to bring about a greater understanding of these important issues. I look forward to reading your next article in this series. Please keep up the good work.— Douglas Harden

Douglas P. Harden is a graduate of the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Georgia. He is the 2014 Denton International Affairs Graduate Scholar of the Sigma Chi Foundation at the University of North Georgia.
Dr. Faria replies: Thanks, Douglas, but this is the third and last of the series, at least for now!— MAF

Backpacker (GOPUSA, 5/26/17): Our country is in a moral decline. This is what happens when our Country throws away our Judaeo-Christian beliefs and they worship liberalism / Satan instead. The one thing I disagree with in Dr. Faria’s article, is that Mexico provides a strong base for Christendom. When the illegal alien Mexicans come into our Country, 51% of the Mexican women are having babies out of wedlock and these people go on welfare...
Dr. Faria replies: First, we need to separate legals from illegal immigrants; their behavior in this country is different, at least socially, if not in term of economics. Second, first generation Mexican immigrants, like other Latin-Americans are hard-working people, who do not seek welfare but perform menial jobs that nobody else will do adding to the economy. This has been documented by Economics Professor George Borjas of Harvard University in studies endorsed by the conservative Heritage foundation. Although I don't agree with all of his conclusions (e.g., I believe there are major differences in legal and illegal immigrants), I think Borjas is correct in Sadly, second and third generation Hispanic immigrants, though, tend to behave more like dependent Americans, and not like the hard-working, productive first generation Hispanic or Latin-American.

angdevgirl (GOPUSA, 5/26/17): I have been saying this for years! Caucasians need to have more children. For the DINK [a well-to-do couple, “dual income, no kids”] couples that keep putting it off: stop being selfish and think about the people you care about! Nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters... friends? If we do not start producing more offspring, Islam will indeed conquer our great nation “without firing a shot.” Is this the future we want?
Dr Faria: I agree. Notice Isabella's post below "Islamize Germany," from the horse's mouth so to speak!

Population explosion— blame the West!

Further (selective) comments in GOPUSA (5/29/17):

Monica: OMG! What horribly misguided thinking. This guy isn’t a doctor of math! Mr. Faria, please school yourself! Try starting with the much-viewed lecture of Dr. Bartlett. Read Ed Hartman’s The Population Fix. Western folks needs to have three children! I think not. Why not start with the premise that the high fertility countries need to LOWER their numbers.

Please check the population clock. It’s at 7.4 billion. Oh, wait, that was the last time I looked. Try 7.5 billion! And counting. 8 billion, 9 billion, 10 billion, 11 billion. Do you think anything else is going to be on this planet with that kind of yeast explosion? We’ve already lost 58 percent... read that again, 58 percent!!!!!!!... of wildlife in the last 40 years.

乐动体育APP Go forth and be fruitful. Uh, we’ve done that! Now it’s time to start taking care of the Earth we were entrusted to take care of.

ltuser: And exactly how do you anticipate us forcing Africa, Asia, the mid east etc, DOING that population control??

Dido: Replying to Monica: Population control nut at the expense of the West and America, hmm! Yes, Monica you are population control wacko – population control for the hated West and the United States, of course; so I suppose you agree with Left-wing population control Paul R. Ehrlich who at one time proposed poisoning the water with sterilants, of course— to decrease OUR population, not India’s or China’s!

Paul must be your hero, who even proposed government regimentation and compulsion, given “the power to take whatever steps are necessary to establish a reasonable population size in the United States and to put an end to the steady deterioration of our environment.”—[Wikipedia] In the meantime, the third world, particularly the Islamic world, continues to procreate, while we die as a civilization! Splendid Monica, splendid and very commendable!

Dr. Faria replies: Ituser and Dido have good points. For starters, the combined population of Asia and Africa is 76%, while that of Europe 10% and the U.S. 4% is a meager total of 14%. But Western civilization and her population is apparently what Monica cavils with! She writes: "Western folks needs to have three children! I think not," and notes but says nothing about how to "decrease the numbers in high fertility countries" — e.g., the large population of Asia and the population explosions in Africa, and Islamic countries. But here are the statistics [wikipedia]:
World Population (2015): 7,432,663,000: 27%
Asia: 4,436,224,000 60%
Africa: 1,216,130,000 16%
Europe: 738,849,000 10%
Population By Countries (2014 or 2015):
China: 1.371 billion: 18 %
India: 1.311 billion: 17 %
Unites States: 325,000,000: 4%
Population by religion (2015):
Christianity: 2 billion: 27%
乐动体育APP Islamic countries: 1.2 billion: 16 %

乐动体育APPObviously, Monica, as a progressive, has a bone to pick with the small populations of the West and the United States, which are already decreasing their own populations and committing cultural and national suicide, while the rest of the world does not — but somehow, I'm not surprised.--- MAF