A Nation of Elois?

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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

In view of the multiple stories about wild hogs rampaging the land and the recent by a sounder of wild boars, I think, my classic article from 2014 — on wild hogs (and its observations on the subject)— needs to be re-published.

Hogs Gone Wild (II) in a Nation of Elois!

In the 1960 science fiction film classic, The Time Machine, based on H.G. Wells' 1895 novel similarly titled, the hero (played by Rod Taylor) travels in a time machine to a distant future, which, at first sight, seems to be a utopia. But first appearances are deceiving, and soon a H.G. Well's The Time Machine movie posterdisconcerting reality becomes evident. The hero observes that the inhabitants of the distant future, the Elois, are effeminate and shallow beings, devoid of feelings or high intelligence, and they neither work nor read books. Civilization has collapsed, books have decayed, cities have crumbled. The Elois live a halcyon and apathetic existence with no cares, duties, or concerns, except for shallow self-indulgence. Food and leisure are provided for miraculously. During the day, the Elois, oblivious of their existence, pass the time in carefree activities, that is until nighttime. At dusk, a siren blares, and the Elois, conditioned by the sound, are herded like sheep to the slaughterhouse, where they are to be consumed, cannibalized by the underground and predatory Morlocks, the other degenerate, surviving human race of the apocalyptic future.

Returning to the 21st century, we find the civilized world in general and our nation in particular assailed by economic and security problems. The United States (and much of the Western world) is at war with a relentless and savage enemy that at this point in the conflict Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)乐动体育APPcalls itself the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS; photo, left). But we have been at war, lest we forget, since September 11, 2001, when nearly 3,000 innocent Americans were incinerated in a brutal attack that also destroyed the Twin Towers, symbol of American finance, and damaged the Pentagon, symbol of U.S. military power. It has been thirteen years of war against terrorism and as many years of economic woes, not to mentioned six years of geopolitical decline, as China's economic competition intensified, and Russia's military resurgence against Georgia, annexation of the Crimea, and dangerous instigation of civil war in Eastern Ukraine, disclosed the weaknesses of America and her allies. It is a dangerous world out there.

At home, the United States, despite changes in the political landscape — i.e., whether Democrats or Republicans hold power in the White House or in Congress — continue to travel down the road of welfarism, socialism, and insidious political correctness. The prevailing liberal establishment incarnated in the mass media, the halls of academia, and the popular culture, continue to hold sway in America. And that is why we remain preoccupied with the fatuous issues they espouse, such as "zero tolerance" in Zero Tolerance sign乐动体育APPschools, so that children who take toy guns or express Christian beliefs are severely censored or suspended from schools. And yet, bullies, who tow the line of political correctness, are permitted to disrupt and victimize fellow students. The Boy Scouts of America, that taught patriotism, fidelity, honesty, courage, courtesy, and other civil virtues, as well as survival skills in the wilderness, are hounded out of existence because the traditional organization opposes gay (homosexual) counselors. Frankly, political correctness — i.e., the overt or disguised attempt at the systematic promotion of desirable thoughts by the intelligentsia, while censoring the political causes they oppose — has reached the level of dangerous ludicrousness in American society.

乐动体育APPThe epitome of absurdity has been reached, when, in the face of a determined and barbarous enemy, who brutally kidnaps and beheads journalists, soldiers, as well as the completely innocent abroad (and recently it seems at home), we remain mired in utter vacuity. Consider the situation of the mainstream media, including the evening news spending an inordinate amount of time editorializing, discussing gay marriages, and the life and times of celebrities, best spent with more thorough reporting and informing with objective and unbiased news from around, and increasingly the more complex and dangerous, world.

In tandem with this vacuity of the press, consider the decline in American education as standards continue to drop to the lowest common denominator. More Americans are not only becoming illiterate but more than ever are on food stamps, helpless and dependent on the government for every need, from housing to cell phones. The level of dependence has reached a point that not only individual Americans but also whole communities feel victimized and Hogs Gone Wild Discovery Channel video乐动体育APPhelpless. Some Americans consider themselves prisoners in their own homes, afraid, not only of rampant crime, fearful of thugs and street gangs, but also feel victimized by hogs, yes hogs, gone wild roaming their neighborhoods! This is no joke. I recently watched a documentary by the Discovery Channel, "" that is quite disturbing, not only because of the growth in, and the damage caused by, the feral hog population in the United States, but also because of the degree of the unexpected sense of helplessness expressed by those Americans interviewed!

Yes, throughout the United States, many communities, most notably in the Hawaiian islands, consider themselves under siege by feral hogs — hogs that have gone wild — victimizing neighbors, destroying lawns and gardens, scaring children and killing pets. So dependent and Hog damage to lawn乐动体育APPhelpless some Americans have become that they are afraid to venture outside their own homes at night — for fear of hog attacks! And this is at a time when the price of beef and pork has gone through the roof! Go figure! Have guns become so demonized and hunting so politically incorrect that Americans are afraid to even protect their own private property, while at the same time utilizing a natural resource and procuring another source of meat for their family? Where have the legendary American sense of self-sufficiency and rugged individualism gone?

Perhaps, attitudes are best exemplified by our elected representatives. Russia elected and re-elected Vladimir Putin, a self-defense and nature enthusiast, who mounts and ride horses in the country, and hunts wild animals in the taiga of Siberia. We in the U.S. elected and re-elected Barack Obama, who vacations and plays golf, and more golf, at Martha's Vineyard!

Written by Dr. Miguel Faria

Miguel A. Faria, M.D., is Associate Editor in Chief in socioeconomics, politics, medicine, and world affairs of Surgical Neurology International (SNI). He was appointed and served at the behest of President George W. Bush as member of the Injury Research Grant Review Committee of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2002-2005. He is the author of Vandals at the Gates of Medicine (1995); Medical Warrior: Fighting Corporate Socialized Medicine (1997); and Cuba in Revolution: Escape From a Lost Paradise (2002). His recently released book is His website is http://kutahyaevdeneve.com. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miguel_A._Faria_Jr.

Copyright ©2014 Miguel A. Faria, Jr., M.D.

The photographs used to illustrate this commentary (October 1, 2014) came from a variety of sources and did not appear in the GOPUSA.com article. The illustrations seen here were added to the article for the enjoyment of readers at kutahyaevdeneve.com. A shorter version of this commentary was also published in The Macon Telegraph on October 3, 2014, under the title

This article may be cited as: Faria MA. Hogs Gone Wild in a Nation of Elois! Hacienda Publishing, October 1, 2014. Available from:  http://www.haciendapub.com/articles/nation-elois

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Our Enemy, the State by Albert Jay Nock

At age 40, Albert Jay Nock abandoned his family and the Episcopalian priesthood, but not his studies and knowledge of the classics, to begin a new life as a journalist and political science scholar. He launched his new career as editor of the American Magazine and founded The Freeman (1920-1924). In his wake, he left us a dozen books including Our Enemy the State that in this edition includes, “On Doing the Right Thing.” Nock’s libertarian philosophy embodies natural rights, self-autonomy, self-responsibility, voluntarism, and freedom of choice. For him, “libertarianism meant liberating the art of choice from the inhibiting forces of the State.” In the Introduction to this edition, Prof. Walter E. Grinder writes, “Most States don’t turn to harsh measures as long as the game is still going along smoothly. It is not until people begin to catch on to the nature of the systematic plunder... that the State does, in fact, turn brutish.”

In his famous theory of the Remnant, Nock believed that only a select few possess the intelligence and wisdom to appreciate liberty and comprehend the predatory nature of the state. Yet, violent revolution was suicidal and would lead to the strengthening of the position of those in power, or if victorious, to the replacement with others who might be worse.

This tome is highly recommended to all, especially citizens with the duty and responsibility to preserve the American Republic as originally conceived and intended. Read this book and learn why the power of the State needs to be limited. I praise and give Albert J. Nock's Our Enemy, the State 5 stars without hesitation.

乐动体育APPMiguel A. Faria, M.D., is Associate Editor in Chief in socioeconomics, politics, medicine, and world affairs of Surgical Neurology International (SNI). He is the author of the recently released book America, Guns, and Freedom: A Journey Into Politics and the Public Health & Gun Control Movements (2019).

Aristotle on justice and inequality

乐动体育APPInferiors revolt in order that they may be equal, and equals that they may be superior. Such is the state of mind which creates revolutions--- Aristotle, Politics, book V, Part II.

"The worst forms of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal." --- Aristotle

The actual quote is: "But that the unequal should be given to equals, and the unlike to those who are like, is contrary to nature, and nothing which is contrary to nature is good." --- Aristotle, book VII, Part III.

"Moral virtues come from habit.... These virtues we acquire by first exercising them, as in the case of other arts. Whatever we learn to do, we learn by doing it; men come to be builders, for instance, by building, and harp players, by playing the harp. In the same way, by doing just acts we come to be just; by doing self-controlled acts, we come to be self-controlled; and by doing brave acts, we become brave..." --- Aristotle, from Aristotle's Ethics, quoted in The Book of Virtues by William Bennett, Chapter 1 on Self-Discipline.

乐动体育APP"Both oligarch and tyrant mistrust the people, and therefore deprive them of arms." --- Aristotle

Farmed hogs in Europe!

Slaughtered pigs outnumber Spanish population, BBC, August 22, 2018

“New statistics on the number of slaughtered pigs in Spain have stirred fears in the country's media that the animals may soon outnumber the human population and end up hogging local resources. The Ministry of Environment released figures this week saying that Spain had slaughtered some 50m pigs last year - 3.5m more than the country's 46.5m population. This has led to local papers voicing their concern that Spain's pig population had managed to surpass its human population. However, according to Euronews, there are 16 million fewer pigs than people at any given time, with many piglets being slaughtered shortly after they are born. It is, however, becoming a wider concern throughout the European Union that the rapid growth of pig farming may lead to there being more porkers than people.“
They are doing better than we are doing with our wild hogs! Their hogs are farmed, not free and wild and ravaging the land, except in Denmark and Germany, as I read elsewhere. The clincher is contained in the concluding paragraph:

乐动体育APP“And as the Ministry of Ecological Transition highlights, the animals are also responsible for a large number of greenhouse gas emissions. The ministry says that currently in Spain, they are responsible for 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the country, and are the fourth largest producer after electricity, industry and transport.”

乐动体育APPIn the end, it is all theoretical about the environment and global warming, not the fact those countries, several part of PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain), deriving economic benefit to overcome the idleness of socialism, welfarism, and bankruptcy. — MAF

Tax the pigs!

乐动体育APPEuropeans should be careful about issuing this complaint because the EU could come in and “tax” it as “unauthorized emissions” under their Clean Air Policy or Industrial Emissions Directive!

Hogs and the Revenge of the Kalua Pua'a!

I am particularly fascinated by the image of people, huddled inside their homes, their neighborhoods being "terrorized" by roving packs of food.

I know that wild pigs can be quite aggressive, but this is Hawaii, where pigs have been roasted in underground ovens at Luaus for thousands of years.

In my suburban neighborhood, local deer had become a nuisance, stealing the best fare from my neighbors' gardens. Fortunately I live in Kentucky, and our solution was to amend our homeowner's association by-laws to allow us to harvest the responsible animals.

乐动体育APPAfter reading this article, I'm trying to figure out how to attract some pigs to the neighborhood; I like venison, but I LOVE bacon!

Tom Vaughan, MD is a neuroradiologist in private practice in Louisville, KY. He is a shooting enthusiast who believes in individual liberty and personal responsibility.

MAF: ... I know some of you in DRGO have had enough of wild hogs and Elois and Morlocks, but for those who have not, and like bacon and barbecue, as Tom and I do, the article on this page is the last one on the topic of wild hogs. Enjoy it.

Tom: ... I’ve seen them trapped in just that way. You just have to be careful not to let a Democrat see you; they’ll have the whole lot of them registered to vote before you salt your first slab of pork.

Where are the deer hunters?

乐动体育APPThe Deer Population Is Out Of Control, So Communities Are Culling

乐动体育APPThe U.S. deer population is about 60 times greater than it was in the '90s, and some communities worry those numbers could cause more car accidents. By Melissa Prax | December 6, 2015

Deer culling. It's controversial, and it's happening in communities across the US. That.s right. We said culling, also known as selective slaughter.

It's not just rural communities that have a major problem with deer. Deer are also prevalent in suburbs where residents aren't allowed to hunt but where there's a little green space and enough coverage for deer.

The deer population boom is a recent problem. It's estimated that there are 30 million white-tailed deer in the U.S., compared to half a million in the '90s.
乐动体育APP Culling is a relatively recent practice, and it's strategic. There are specific plans in place to cull for a certain amount of deer to ease overpopulation. This number is usually determined by deer per square acre.

For deer in more urbanized areas, there are few predators other than your car. From mid 2011 to mid 2012, it's estimated deer caused over 1 million car accidents in the U.S. This led to 200 deaths and cost about $4 billion. (Video via Kenton County Police Department)
Deer are also hard on crops and trees — the majority of their diets — and when there are too many of them in one area, the competition can make it hard for the animals' survival.

乐动体育APPTypically, culling happens during hunting season, which in most states also falls during the deer's mating season between September and December.

乐动体育APPThere are a few different ways deer are culled: through lethal injection, sharpshooting or trapping. These methods intend to kill the animal humanely. The city or police department that typically culls or hires companies to do it will ask permission if they plan on using your property for culling.

乐动体育APPAnd in many cases, the meat will be donated to local shelters or food pantries.  And deer aren't the only animals culled. In Yellowstone National Park, bison are being culled. While that's drawn plenty of criticism, some argue that culling is simply another element to animal conservation.

Concealed Carry Permit (CCP) data

Concealed Carry Permit (CCP) legislation is being pursued in various states but deliberate disinformation has been disseminated by gun control opponents. In the Viewpoints online version of the Macon Telegraph, Emory Lane (Georgia Southern University) writes,"... And to bring a bit of perspective, a comparison/contrast to gun crimes committed during the same period by perpetrators not holding a permit.

"Since 1987 Florida has issued 2.5 million permits. Of those permit holders, 168 were convicted of a gun crime to date: a proportion of 0.00672%...

乐动体育APP"Fact: In Florida, a state that has allowed concealed carry since late 1987, you are twice as likely to be attacked by an alligator as by a person with a concealed carry permit. -- Concealed Weapons/Firearms License Statistical Report, Florida Department of State, 1998 – Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission, December 1998.

"The VPC's number claims have been blown apart by actual researchers. It is merely a propaganda machine. I suggest you refer to more scholarly, peer reviewed works such as those of John R. Lott [and Gary Kleck of Florida State University and others].

The VPC is an ideological organization that for many years has been directed at gun control and not to finding logical solutions to violence in society. This has been going on for more than a decade...