Communism dies where it existed but its ideology and danger for America lingers on by Koba

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Dr. David Stolinsky’s column and the comments that followed are the most insightful commentaries I have read in recent times, regarding the significance of the red (leftist) ideology and the implications of socialism (and communism), for America. I have rarely seen so many bullets hit the bull’s eye.

Dr. Stolinsky wrote, “Socialism isn’t a novel idea worth trying. It is an old idea that has been tried in many forms, in many places, by many people, and to a significant extent it doesn’t work.” And look at the harm it has caused, for example in Venezuela now. Yet this harm fades Soviet gulag乐动体育APPwhen compared to the Soviet slave camps (i.e., the Gulag Archipelago; photo, right), the denial of basic freedoms of speech, worship, judicial and political rights, freedom of movement, the imposition of surveillance, and the totalitarianism of one-party rule under the dictatorship of the proletariat. Why continue to strive for a goal that has already led to slave states and over 100 million dead? Is it worth the suffering? No. As reasonable people we should agree to this affirmation.

Was true communism tried? I must agree with Dr. Miguel Faria that it has been tried in the Marxist/Leninist version of this disease. Whether “communism needs a capitalist state to take root,” no longer matters. The game is over, and the communists have lost. We will no longer destroy capitalist states, so we can allow the birth of another version of the communist monster named socialism.

Have we attained the point under Marxism where “the proletarian paradise is created where there is no more conflict and no need for oppression”? No, nor can it since humans are incapable of utopia because conflict is in our nature, not harmony. I speak here of communism of the Marx/Lenin/Stalin/Mao variety, and not social communes where people try to live and work together in peace. Yet, these also have been tried many times, including in England in the 19th century and Russia before the 1917 Revolution, and in the United States briskly during the 1960s and '70s. A good example of these communal enterprises was the short-lived experiment of Brook Farm (1841-47) by the Transcendentalists of West Roxbury, Massachusetts, led by the Unitarian George Ripley. But even that utopian commune ultimately failed. Conflict is in our nature, not harmony.Brook Farm

If a utopian state cannot be reached even under the best circumstances, why repeat the horrible experiment of Soviet or Chinese communism, entailing not a benign voluntary experiment but a compulsory totalitarian dictatorship at the cost of so many lives and so much suffering? Why not acknowledge the horrors of government-imposed collectivism, whether socialism or communism, and seek to avoid them?

Dr. Adam Bogart wrote, “I said once that it is only in the movies that an evil person revels in being evil. So, to me it is doubtful Stalin thought he was. The vast tens of millions who he killed had to go in order to usher in the final Soviet Utopia. Because that utopia more or less was supposed to be the heaven on earth for atheists, he could say to himself that attaining the final stage of communism was worth just about any horror he could cook up.”

But whether Stalin thought of himself as evil or not is inconsequential to me: His actions were evil, and he knew the horror he created. Stalin abused his power because to him the ends justified the means to attain his utopia, suffering serfs be damned.

When will the West acknowledge the horrors of communism? Not a year goes by without a plethora of evil Nazi movies from Hollywood, although World War II ended in 1945. Where are the evils of communism portrayed in the movies? After all, communism only crumbled in East Germany in November 1989, in the USSR in 1991, and the monster still exists in communist China, Cuba, and elsewhere. By its omission, Hollywood apparently still feels affection, an unexpressed nostalgia, for Soviet communism. And what about the media? Anyone mentions communists, and they howl “McCarthyism.

Bringing Down AmericaThis card trumps the historical threat of traitor communists in government, technological and weapons thefts via espionage, and internal subversion through disinformation and other “active measures,” as verified under intercepted messages via VENONA, Soviet KGB archives, and numerous high-level KGB defectors. Nor were Harry Dexter White, Alger Hiss, the Rosenbergs, and David Greenglass the only threat. Soviets have “interfered” in America since the 1930s to the 1960s and 1970s. There is an excellent account of such interference by communism-inspired internal subversives written by U.S. Army veteran and FBI informant, Larry Grathwohl (1947—2013), in his book Bringing Down America: An FBI Informer With the Weathermen (2013).

乐动体育APPThe horror of communism and the harm it can do to this country have not mattered to the mainstream media as much as the affection they hold for that ideology. Well, that is until the Russians “interfered” in the 2016 election. Who knew this long love affair between the Left and the Russians could end so abruptly? But they are no longer communists after all, the Russians I mean. 

Dr. Miguel Faria wrote, "Socialism is totalitarianism by seduction. Vladimir Lenin and Fidel Castro used the terms, i.e. socialism and communism, interchangeably. Lenin wrote very explicitly that 'the goal of socialism is communism.' ...The fall of communism has been historically ‘revised’ to ‘prove’ that the Soviet threat was less than it was, exaggerated by conservatives bent to stop socialism at home, and that ‘the containment’ policy against the spread of communism was just an ‘overreaction’!”

How true indeed.

Democratic Socialists of AmericaWe cannot depend upon Hollywood, the media, and especially not the universities, to educate the young about the horror of communism. We must come up with a strategy to overcome this lie of omission or we will continue to hear the young and misinformed to clamor for progressive and socialist candidates, such as Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (for U.S. Congress, New York), Andrew Gillum, (for governor of Florida), and other so-called (photo, left), who promise them free medical care, free college, the nationalization of jobs and businesses, removal of border security, and “equality” at the expense of freedom.

Until the American youth understand the extreme danger of falling for a deceptive government utopia — liberty will hang in the balance. And when freedom is lost, which is exactly what Lenin, Mao, Stalin, and the American socialists desire — the American ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will be dumped in the dustbin of history. 

Written by Koba

The pseudonym of Koba was assumed by the author, a student of Stalin and Soviet communism. He is a Department of Defense employee. Koba was one of Joseph Stalin’s pseudonyms as a young man working as underground operative and bandit in Georgia and Russia before the 1917 Revolution.

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Communism — I did not know...

I’ve read well more than 200 books on socialism/communism and related topics like gun control since BHO was first elected. I was ignorant in 2008. I knew nothing about socialism beyond that it was a “redistribution scheme”. Did not know that 200,000,000 disarmed innocents perished under its various renditions in countries like Russia Germany China and Cambodia. Did not know that our Democrats are motivated by that exact same ideology which grew out of Hegel and Marx - so I studied them too. Also - documentaries like The World at War,The History of Gun Control, It Could Never Happen Here and The Soviet Story were all great.

乐动体育APPI see America waking up - but we need to wake more of us - and to a much higher level of awareness. I’ll say this - and forgive me if this sounds extreme - but if we find the awareness and courage as a country to go so far as to fully investigate all the way up to HRC and BHO - and convict them for High Treason - then we are free again.--- Peter Blindt (FB)

Venezuela — another tragic failure of socialism

乐动体育APPVenezuela — another tragic failure of socialism

Tension, unrest in Venezuela as opposition leader declares himself president

乐动体育APPSubmitted by Koba — U.S. Backs Maduro Opponent — Trump recognizes head of Venezuela’s congress as interim president; protesters flood streets

President Trump took on Venezuela’s leftist authoritarian president and his regime’s Russian and Chinese backers on Wednesday by recognizing the opposition leader of the oil-rich country’s congress as its legitimate head of state. The U.S. move came just minutes after Juan Guaidó, the National Assembly’s 35-year-old leader, declared himself interim president and took an oath of office before a crowd of tens of thousands in the capital.

乐动体育APPPresident Nicolás Maduro responded by vowing to stay in office and said he was severing diplomatic relations with the U.S. “The people of Venezuela have courageously spoken out” against Mr. Maduro “and demanded freedom and the rule of law,” Mr. Trump said. He said he would “use the full weight of United States economic and diplomatic power to press for the restoration of Venezuelan democracy...”

Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru and other South American countries quickly followed the U.S. declaration, saying they would recognize Mr. Guaidó, based on their belief that Mr. Maduro’s election last year to a second six-year term was a sham... — Wall Street Journal, Jan 24, 2019

Venezuela crisis

I just read the following this morning from WSJ:

乐动体育APP"President Trump took on Venezuela’s leftist authoritarian president and his regime’s Russian and Chinese backers on Wednesday by recognizing the opposition leader of the oil-rich country’s congress as its legitimate head of state."

Now Maduro is demanding our ambassadors leave while Juan Guaidó, the newly recognized leader says Americans stay. Will Maduro continue to control the military or will they desert him? I am interested in how this plays out. The poor people of Venezuela deserve better. But the US endorsement could play into the old "Yankee imperialism" argument and be seen as interference; hence, Maduro could pick up people who would rather join him than us. This can be tricky.

Regardless, the US could hasten the demise of the political leadership of Maduro and the enslavement of socialism under which they currently seek to survive.

What is the analysis of Dr Faria? I am most curious.
乐动体育APP It is about time we do something to help the long suffering people of Venezuela, a formerly prosperous country where socialism has brought desolation and chaos. Trump has done the right thing and most of Latin America supports the move, except for communist Cuba, and the socialist governments of Bolivia and Mexico. So I'm not unduly concerned with the possible backlash of "Yankee imperialism." Chavez and Maduro have destroyed the economy and ended the liberty of the Venezuelan people with violence and the imposition of socialism and authoritarianism. China has had a muted response. Putin is losing an ally and economic investments, so I'm not concerned there — ditto for Turkey. Moreover, Erdogan is scared of Putin and Russian power in the Black Sea. And frankly, we, the U.S., not to mention the EU, have not treated Turkey well. So I'm not surprised there. The wholehearted support of Canada and the UK was very welcome.

Socialist Nightmare, Situation Normal, Pope and Democrats Silent

Good points. I saw who was backing Socialist Maduro — Russia, Communist China, Communist Cuba, Cocaine Bolivia and that spoke volumes. I see this morning that the military is backing Maduro, but we shall see how far that goes. They are hungry and underpaid also. Plus the $20 million promised by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to the new government will help, as long as it goes into the right hands.

The Socialists have created a nightmare with people eating out of garbage, and the world's worst inflation rate. In 2017 75% of Venezuelans lost 19 pounds due to the economic crisis. In typical Bolshevik fashion Chavez confiscated 60 oil companies, oil fields, shipyards, and boats by 2009. This oil industry then produced 93% of the state revenue.

"At the end of last year [2008], PDVSA [the state owned oil company] owed US$13.9 billion (Dh48.07bn) to suppliers, most of which remained unpaid. A number of contractors have responded by idling their rigs."

乐动体育APPIn May 2018 Kellogg pulled out of the hostile Venezuela, and Maduro seized the manufacturing plant. In 2014, authorities took over two plants belonging to U.S. cleaning products maker Clorox Co after its departure.

乐动体育APP"Other multinational companies that have given up on the OPEC country, abandoning assets or selling them cheap, include Clorox (CLX.N), Kimberly-Clark (KMB.N), General Mills (GIS.N), General Motors (GM.N) and Harvest Natural Resources."

is a good way to not get necessary foreign skills and investment. However, taking other people's money and property is what Communists/socialists do. So the country with the world's largest oil reserves ends up with the world's highest inflation and a population literally starving.

乐动体育APPIf the US can help end the horror of totalitarian socialism, then we absolutely should. Where is the Pope on this? Oh, he is lecturing the US how we must allow another 10,000 illegal immigrants into the country who has more immigrants than any country in the world; immigrants, who voluntarily left their home to try and come into the US.

乐动体育APPWhere is the sympathy for those dying of starvation in Venezuela and suffering under social dictatorship of mad Maduro? Democrats have shown no sympathy for starving people under socialism. Ideology is what matters to Democrats; the ends justifies the means, so the Venezuelan deaths are just a statistic. However, a wall to protect the US citizens, why that is "immoral," according to House Queen Pelosi.

"Cult City": Jonestown massacre (1978)

Drinking the Kool-Aid: How and Why Communist Ideology Kills
(Video) By Cliff Kincaid

乐动体育APP, explains the nature of the Democratic Party political machine that included communist cult leader and sex pervert Jim Jones and resulted in the "revolutionary suicide" of 900 people in Guyana in 1978. Turns out that Rep. Nancy Pelosi praised one of Jones' main supporters, Dr. Garlton Goodlett, years after Goodlett was exposed as a communist with high-level Soviet/Russian connections. On the 40th anniversary of the mass murder, where is the investigation of this Russia-gate scandal?

Bolshevik Evil!

I have a few topics I will be writing comments on during the coming week. For those topics concerning the continuing discussion on communist "morality", I think we are all on the same side here. However, while what I say about communists is true (they didn't think of themselves as evil, etc.), I am also playing devil's advocate. It is one way to stimulate discussion on difficult subjects such as probing the minds of Lenin and Stalin. As I think you are alluding to in you article, this is not a practical exercise, but it is a curious one.

It was a fatal mistake for Soviet politicians to think Stalin's mind was not deep. We will not make the same mistake here (though, of course it would not be fatal if we did), because we have the luxury of treating these people as historical specimens we can try to perform a difficult dissection on. What comes out is no longer blood and brains from an exit hole, but intellectual satisfaction.

SOVIET morality

乐动体育APPI look forward to the information about SOVIET morality. Typically, it is easy to see the ends versus the means strategy rather than the moral imperative with the Bolsheviks. However, there certainly was worship of the state, Stalin's image replacing the Russian Icons, etc, yet I am certain there is much more "morality." Worship of the state requires dogma.

"It was a fatal mistake for Soviet politicians to think Stalin's mind was not deep." Many are the Bolshevik bones that prove that statement correct. Interestingly, the same could be said about President Reagan by American politicians once. Now, that would be hard to defend since he helped end the SOVIET Union threat, built up the US military and American morale after Vietnam War and American hostages in Iran, and got the terrible economy back on track.

Sexual Morality in the Soviet Satellites

Hi Koba!

I'm sorry for the late response, but I have been busy moving (just a few blocks) and I did not get notification of your comment!

So, for the moment, let me answer you with links to a great Polish movie with English subtitles ("Interrogation"). Set in post WWII Stalinist Poland, a young woman is arrested by the communists and accused of multiple acts of sabotage. She is obviously innocent, but the impression the movie gives is that it is her promiscuity they really arrested her for.---

Good Discussion

Slaughtering people in the name of some future utopia is evil, and I do not believe most Communists could not see this fact. Even a child knows this. More to the point though, I really do not care if they deluded themselves that the ends justifies the means, as there is no legitimate excuse for such evil. However, we can agree to disagree. It would be a good subject to explore in detail.

乐动体育APPI think the devil's advocate approach is quite useful in viewing a subject from different angles.

I do agree also that Stalin was no dummy, as liberals and even some conservatives are prone to state. He was shrewd enough to rule such a large, multi-ethnic country for about 30 years. People equate such massive brutality with violence borne of ignorance, yet violent people are intelligent as well.